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Tower News 2011

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Tower News 2010

Saturday 24th July 2010 Peal

Sts. Peter & Paul, Pickering North Yorkshire in 3hr (13-2-2)
5040 Plain Bob Triples
Composed: Peter J Sanderson
1 Rachel J Storr  2 Sophie E Palmer  3 Gerry A Bacon 
4 Tina A Walker  5 Charlotte Elkington  6 Jonathan J F Stokoe 
7 Peter J Sanderson (C)  8 Emma L Coles 
An 18th birthday compliment to Emma
 and dedicated to the memory of her grandmother, Gwyneth.
75th peal and circled the tower: 3.
The Peal Band (Gerry Bacon missing)

            Emma is 18 !

Emma looking wistful after her Peal
Emma celebrated her 18th birthday in style with many of her friends & family around her.
 The celebrations commenced on the Friday evening with a party at Riverside Farm, Skelton, where a buffet & disco, "embarrassing" baby photos and much more awaited her guests. It did not stop there however.              
The next day Emma drummed Pickering tenor (weighing 13cwt... that's the bell not Emma) to a well struck Peal of Plain Bob Triples, composed & conducted by her Uncle, Peter Sanderson. Nearing the end the band were all reduced to fits of the giggles when a loud hissing noise, rather like an old geyser firing up, emanated through the ringing circle. Having regained composure the band finished the Peal in 3 hours precisely. This Peal was very special to Emma as it was also dedicated to the memory of her late Grandma, who had lived in Pickering and reached the grand age of 80 earlier this year .       
More was to come as after ringing for Sunday services at both York Minster and then Huntington, despite her hands being covered in mighty blisters, Emma continued with impressive stamina to attend a birthday lunch, with family, in her honour at the Monk Bar Hotel in York. This day (her actual birthday) was finally rounded off with a superb surprise cream tea at "Grannie's" (that's Ron and Doreen Sanderson to you and me). 

Julie reaches 50 too !

   Feeling refreshed after being whisked away to Paris for her Birthday, Julie is accompanied by her good friends to ring a  QP in her honour. Congratulations Julie. See - it's not so bad being 50!

Sunday 11th July Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 45min 
1260 Plain Bob Triples
 1 Emma Coles  2 Christine Potter  3 Tina Walker 
4 Julie Hughes  5 Doreen Sanderson 
6 Ron Sanderson  7 Peter Sanderson (C)  
8 Bob Meadows.
Rung as a 50th Birthday compliment
to Julie Hughes
- a very good friend & member of HGBR

Sunday 13th June Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 42 mins
1280 Double Norwich CB Major
1 Julie Hughes  2 Tina Walker  3 Christine Potter 
4 Tim Bradley  5 David Potter  6 Doreen Sanderson 
7 Ronald Sanderson  8 Peter Sanderson (C).
Rung as a 50th Birthday compliment
to our friend Terri Horton


Saturday 10th July Lewis wins Gold

Lewis, our newest recruit won a Gold medal in the under 14's Judo competition (7th - 12th level or Mon) for North East England. Well done Lewis !

Lewis wearing his medal with pride

Saturday 5th June Sunday Service Band Striking competition at Clifton

The Ron & Doreen Sanderson Trophy is presented by Ron & Doreen to Ruth Sanderson.
Ruth, who, along with Christine Potter & Tina Walker (Huntington ringers), rang for the winning Team, York Minster "A" and will go forward to represent the York Branch at the YACR Sunday Service striking competition in September. Huntington's own team consisting of Emma & Margaret Coles, Julie Hughes, Ron & Doreen Sanderson and Peter Sanderson came a respectable joint 3rd. The Judge was Matthew Jones (TNO). Matthew introduced a new second trophy for the best "Rounds & Call Changes" team.   The Tea Pot Trophy is hand decorated by one of Matthew's ringing friends from Nottingham and will add fun into future years. Thank you Matthew. The Tea Pot was won by Team 6. With very few faults separating the teams, a good standard of ringing was set by all. The sun shone all afternoon & the day was rounded off with superb hosting by Tanya Green and friends from Clifton.
The results were as follows :  
1st Place - York Minster A - 9 faults ** 2nd Place - St Lawrence Pink - 11 faults ** 3rd Place - York Minster B - 11.5 faults = 3rd Place - Huntington - 11.5 faults = ** 5th Place YCG - 22 faults ** 6th Place - St Lawrence / Clifton - 25 faults

Sunday 18th April Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 48 mins 
1536 Glasgow Surprise Major
1 Tina Walker  2 Christine Potter  3 Mike Pollard 
4 Peter Sanderson  5 James Sanderson  6 Peter Hughes 
7 David Potter  8 Rob Lee (C).
Rung for Evensong. First in method - 3, 5

Sunday 9th May Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorksire in 42 mins 
1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
1 Emma Coles  2 Tina Walker  3 David Potter 
4 Tim Bradley  5 Doreen Sanderson  6 David Leese 
7 Christine Potter  8 Peter Sanderson (C).
Rung in memory of Gwyneth Coles,
Grandmother of Emma.
1st of Treble Bob Major - 1



Sunday 11th April Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 42 mins 
1260 Plain Bob Triples
1 Tina Walker  2 Eleanor Carr  3 Margaret Sanderson 
4 Julie Hughes  5 Doreen Sanderson  6 Ron Sanderson 
7 Christine Potter  (C) 8 Emma Coles.
Rung as a Diamond Wedding compliment to
Leslie & Winnie Pritchett, members of HGBR. 
Married 10th April 1950
with very best wishes from the band.

Sunday 14th March Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 43 mins 1264 Plain Bob Major
1 Emma Coles  2 Margaret Coles  3 Tina Walker  4 Ruth Sanderson  5 Eleanor Carr 
6 Julie Hughes  7 Christine Potter  8 Peter Sanderson (C).
Rung to celebrate the life of Clifford Derrick Grandfather of Eleanor

Sunday 10th January Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire
in 41 mins 
1272 Plain Bob Minor
1 Margaret Coles  2 Emma Coles 
3 Peter Sanderson (C) 
4 Ron Sanderson  5 Christine Potter 
6 Tina Walker
1st in Method - 2

Sunday 14th February Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 43 mins 
1260 Plain Bob Triples
1 Margaret Coles  2 Ron Sanderson  3 David Mitchell  
4 Julie Hughes  5 Doreen Sanderson  6 Christine Potter 
7 Tina Walker (C)  8 Emma Coles.
Specially dedicated to Colin & Margaret Reeves
(Uncle & Aunt of 7), Congratulations from your friends & Family in York.
1st QP as Conductor at 1st attempt - 7.

Tina celebrates her 50th Birthday in New York !

Ringing in the New Year in Holy Trinity Wall Street, New York . Tina celebrated her 50th Birthday in style, drinking Champagne with good friends (not concerned it is out of paper cups!)

Thursday 31st December 2009 Peal

New York, USA Trinity Church, Wall Street 
in 3hr 23min (24)
5042 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
Comp Peter J Sanderson 
1 Tina A Walker  2 Ruth E Sanderson
3 Christina R Sanderson  4 Helen E Green 
5 David Roberts  6 James A Sanderson
7 Christine B Potter  8 Michael J Pollard
9 David E Potter  10 Peter J Sanderson (C)
11 Timothy P Bradley  12 Robert W Lee

A 50th birthday compliment to
Tina Walker.
First of Maximus: 1,2,6,8.
The 50th peal on the bells.

Tower News 2010

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Tower News 2009


December Snow !                  James Sanderson


Sunday 1st November Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 41min (5-0-17) 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Lara Johnson  2 Peter Sanderson  3 Emma Coles  4 Doreen Sanderson  5 Christine Potter (C)  6 Ron Sanderson
1st Quarter Peal at 1st attempt - 1. Rung on All Saints Day

10th October Doreen turns 80 years young!

 Doreen celebrates turning 80. The report in the Ringing World sums up a wonderful weekend of festivities and celebration in her honour as follows :

"Doreen Sanderson of Huntington, York celebrated her 80th birthday on 10th October. Her family organised a number of surprise events for the weekend, starting with a train journey to London on the Friday evening and a lovely evening meal by St Catherine's Docks.  As we strolled back to our hotel, Tower Bridge obligingly opened and the SS Waverley passed through, sounding her horn in the process.  On Saturday morning we rang at St.Anne's, Limehouse and St.Olave's, Hart Street before making our way to the Prince of Wales theatre for the matinee performance of Mamma Mia!
We were back in York on Sunday for service ringing at Huntington in the morning as usual. The only part of the weekend which Doreen knew about in advance was the attempt for a quarter peal on the back 10 at the Minster on Sunday afternoon.  The attempt was successful and Doreen rang superbly (no surprise there): 
York. (Minster) 11 Oct, 1296 Plain Bob Caters: Emma Coles 1, Ruth Sanderson 2, Doreen Sanderson 3, Tina Sanderson 4, James Sanderson 5, Christine Potter 6, Peter Sanderson (C) 7, Kevin Atkinson 8, Timothy Bradley 9, David Potter 10. An 80th birthday compliment to Doreen, believed to be the oldest person to ring a quarter peal here.
By this stage, Doreen was probably looking forward to a quiet evening in but there was one further surprise in store: a tea party at the Monk Bar hotel attended by over 50 family and friends from near and far.  Doreen's look of astonishment as she entered the room confirmed that the secret had been well kept! It was a truly joyful occasion and showed the love and admiration for Doreen which so many feel.             PJS"

 Decorating the room

Julie & Tina help to decorate the room in readiness for Doreen's entrance. Doreen was meanwhile ringing her specially arranged Birthday QP at York Minster, totally unaware of what awaited her! 

 The Birthday Cake

Doreen during her surprise lunch prepares to blow out her candles whilst Charlotte is transfixed on the cake - just like her Mum, Angela !

Tuesday 9th September 2009 James leaves home!

On the 9th September a farewell party was thrown by David and Christine in honour of James leaving for University in Edinburgh to start his Civil Engineering degree.   They were joined by members of the Minster and Huntington ringers.
Entertainment was provided through the Scottish theme of the evening - games involved "avoid being hit by foam bullets by dancing the highland fling" and "hit the centre of the Scottish flag with a plastic missile". Of course this also involved traditional fancy dress as you can see from the photo!  Since arriving in Edinburgh James has wasted no time in getting himself elected as President of the University of Edinburgh Society of Change Ringers - therefore apparently becoming the most powerful ringer in Edinburgh.
We wish him the best of luck for his time at university.
Doreen Sanderson

Sunday 6th September Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 44min (5-0-17) 1260 Plain Bob Triples
1 Edna Meadows  2 Ron Sanderson  3 Tina Walker  4 Julie Hughes  5 James Sanderson  6 Doreen Sanderson 
7 Christine Potter (C)  8 Robert Meadows. A farewell compliment to Rev Francis Scott and to
celebrate the forthcoming marriage on 13th September of Mark Meadows (son of Edna & Bob) to Eleanor Shah

Saturday 5th September 2009 HGBR Outing to Derbyshire

Picnic at Miller's Dale
Our 2009 outing took us to five towers in the Peak District. At 8.30am nineteen of us piled into the Minibus and David's car outside the Working Men's Club, ready for ringing, fun, and food-filled day.
Unfortunately by the time we had crossed the Pennines to Whitfield (Glossop), the promising blue skies in York had become covered by cloud. As we arrived we found a local ringer fitting a light bulb in the ringing chamber specially for our visit! The eight bells here sounded good but were rather tricky to ring, and David jumped on the opportunity to preach to us about the superiority of Taylor's fittings over Gillet's. Nevertheless we managed some good ringing.
Over the past few years it has become traditional to include as many refreshment stops in the outing as time allows, so after we had finished at Whitfield we drove to Hayfield and enjoyed toast and hot drinks at the George Hotel whilst we waited to ring. Hayfield's ring of eight were for some the best bells of the day, being both easy to ring and pleasing on the ear, although the tenor was quite shouty, particularly when ringing down!
After briefly losing Bob we moved on to Wormhill, in the heart of the Peak District countryside. The bells here were like nothing else most of us had previously experienced - a 1cwt six with no stays, and trebles so light you could pull them straight up in one pull ! However, before we could deal with the bells we had to make it up the near-vertical ladder in to the ringing chamber. We concluded that while we wouldn't want them as our home tower, they were certainly a fun experience!
We then proceeded to Miller's Dale for a picnic lunch on the old railway station platform. Although this was a pleasant location by the tall viaduct and with a grassy lawn and picnic benches, we were slightly disturbed by a number of wasps, one of which attacked Edna.
Our next tower was Darley Dale, where we took over from the locals who were ringing for a wedding as we arrived. Opinions varied about the tonal quality of these bells, and they were a bit quiet inside. The highlight here was almost a perfect course of Double Norwich, but Tina got over-excited as we approached the end with no mistakes and tried to dodge instead of coming round!
After we had finished we once again sought refreshment in a nearby pub, crossing the Peak Rail steam railway. On the way back to the minibus we, and cars, stopped at the level crossing to watch a train pass on it's way to Rowsley. As we waited some ringers from Hessle came up to the other side - a real coincidence as our respective outings had crossed paths last year at Whitby too!
The last tower of the day was Stanton in Peak, a light ring of six in an idyllic setting on a hill with views over the surrounding countryside. The bells were good, but the ringing chamber had a rather unpleasant smell to it !
After ringing we drove to Rowsley for a meal at the Grouse & Claret pub, which turned out to be an excellent choice! The food was delicious and capped off a great outing.                                                                                                               James Sanderson

Piggyback fights at Stanton in Peak

Saturday 29th August 2009 Peal
St John, 
Penistone, West Yorkshire. in 2h 53min (14-1-12) 5058 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
1312 Superlative; 1280 Yorkshire; 1250 Cambridge; 1216 Lincolnshire. 124
com. atw. Donald F Morrison
1 Tina A Walker  2 Peter D Hughes  3 Christina R Sanderson  4 James A Sanderson
5 Christine B Potter  6 Peter J Sanderson (C)  7 Simon A Rudd  8 David E Potter
First of Surprise: 4. 
Rung as a farewell to James by family and friends as he heads for Edinburgh University.

Sunday 12th July Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 44 mins 
1260 Plain Bob Triples
1 Emma Coles  2 Edna Meadows  3 Tina Walker 
4 Ruth Sanderson  5 Doreen Sanderson  6 Ron Sanderson 
7 Peter Sanderson (C)  8 Robert Meadows.
Dedicated to our friend Mary Leigh, to celebrate
her 90th Birthday
Mary, a member of the Congregation has always been very supportive of the ringing at All Saints

Wednesday 5th August Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire
in 42 mins
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Ron Sanderson  2 Peter Sanderson (C) 
3 Emma Coles  4 James Sanderson 
5 Doreen Sanderson  6 Tina Walker
1st in method -3.

With the band's best wishes to
Margaret Coles
for a speedy recovery.

Saturday 13th June Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorshire in 43 mins   
1260 Grandsire Triples
1 Julie Hughes  2 Tina Walker  3 Christine Potter 
4 Margaret Reeves  5 Doreen Sanderson 
6 Colin Reeves (C)  7 James Sanderson 
8 Ron Sanderson. Rung on the day of York Minster Dinner. First QP rung as a family - 2,4 and 6.

Sunday 14th June Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 43 mins               1264 Double Norwich Court Bob Minor
1 Julie Hughes  2 Tina Walker  3 Simon Rudd 
4 David Potter  5 Doreen Sanderson  6 Christine Potter 
7 Ron Sanderson  8 Peter Sanderson (C)
1st in Method - 2

Saturday 6th June 2009 York Branch Striking Competition at Huntington

Ron and Doreen present the trophy to Tim Bradley
For the first time in a few years, we hosted to York Branch Striking Competition at Huntington. This meant that, apart from competing, we also had to make the ringers’ tea afterwards! Christine and her helpers - Doreen, Tina and Julie - provided a wonderful feast.
At 3 o' clock David Roberts (the Branch ringing master) and Charles Merritt conducted the draw. Unfortunately Charles drew Huntington ‘A’ to ring in the un-coveted first slot! They rang call changes, while the ‘B’ team rang a 120 of Plain Bob Minor.
James Holdsworth of Halifax was judge for the day. He commented that our ‘A’ team’s ringing had a good start and improved throughout, although a couple of faults towards the end made the finish a little less even. They were placed 7th. James remarked that the ‘B’ team rang very confidently, and sounded like a band that clearly ring together. He placed them 2nd.
Unfortunately we were unable to repeat our heroics of the last two years, with York Minster ‘B’ pipping us to first place by a mere fault! It was an enjoyable afternoon all the same, and there’s always next year…
‘A’ Team Placing: 1 Doreen Sanderson, 2 Charles Merritt, 3 Emma Coles, 4 Margaret Coles, 5 Peter Sanderson (C), 6 Bob Meadows.

'B' Team Placing: 1 Ruth Sanderson, 2 Tina Walker, 3 Julie Hughes, 4 James Sanderson, 5 Christine Potter (C),
6 Ron Sanderson.

Sunday 10th May Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 44min (5-0-17) 1320 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Robert Meadows  2 Emma Coles (C) 3 Peter Sanderson  4 Julie Hughes  5 Doreen Sanderson  6 Tina Walker
1st Quarter Peal as conductor at 1st attempt - 2

Sunday 22nd March Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 44 mins 
1260 Plain Bob Triples
1 Emma Coles  2 Margaret Coles  3 Tina Walker 
4 Peter Sanderson  5 Doreen Sanderson 
6 Ron Sanderson 
7 James Sanderson (C)  8 Robert Meadows.
1st as Conductor - 7.
Rung for Mothering Sunday.

Sunday 12th April Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 43 mins   
1260 Plain Bob Triples
1 Ron Sanderson  2 Emma Coles  3 Tina walker 
4 Ruth Sanderson  5 James Sanderson 
6 Doreen Sanderson  7 Simon Rudd (C)  
8 Robert Meadows. 1st in method - 2.
Rung for Easter Sunday.
 Celebrating the birthdays of Ron Sanderson & Samantha Coles

Saturday 21st February 2009 the Reginald Kelly Memorial Dinner

Young Robert admires the birthday cake
                                                                                                                                                                       The Reginald Kelly Memorial Dinner was held at Two19 on Shipton Rd (part of the Beechwood Hotel) in Clifton, and was organised by secretary Tina Walker for the first time.  Despite rather slow service, it was a fun evening and the food was very good.  Another cause for celebration was Margaret's birthday!          JAS

Sam, Emma & Ruth
Ruth & Christine

Wednesday 11th February 2009 HGBR AGM

This year's AGM was again held in the Mackay Room at All Saints Church with Rev Ian Birkinshaw in the chair. It was well attended, with refreshments consisting of delicious scones, coconut tarts and chocolate brownies homemade by Doreen, Ruth & Julie's Dad respectively.
The Officers elected this year were :Ringing Master - Peter Sanderson : Deputy RM - Christine Potter : Secretary - Tina Walker : Treasurer - Bob Meadows : Librarian - Edna Meadows : Log Book Keeper - Ruth Sanderson : Outings Secretary - James Sanderson : Website Officer - James Sanderson : PR Officer - Ruth Sanderson.

Ringing World Article 6th February : Emma Rings the Tenor !

"By ringing the 25cwt tenor of York Minster's middle eight to a quarter of Plain Bob Triples on Sunday 25th January, Emma Coles is believed to have become the youngest female ever to have achieved this feat. At just sixteen and weighing in at a mere seven stone, she had no difficulty, and set a good beat throughout, and even rang an extra ten minutes call changes at the end of the quarter to take us up to service time. Well done indeed Emma."


Sunday 1st February 2009 Quarter Peal

All Saints Huntington, North Yorkshire in 43min (5-0-17) 1260 Stedman Triples
1 Tina Walker  2 Ron Sanderson  3 Margaret Coles  4 Christine Potter  5 James Sanderson  6 Doreen Sanderson 
7 Peter Sanderson (C)  8 Emma Coles.           1st of Stedman - 1.

Tower News 2009

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Tower News 2008

27/09/08 Huntington Outing

Our 2008 outing took us to the Cleveland area, where James had booked us five towers to ring at. As usual, we used a minibus to get around. We were pleased that the Carr and Mitchell families could join us for the day, as well as Ruth who was making a recovery from her recent spine operation. The outing also gave us the perfect oppurtunity to show off our brand new Yorkshire Association polo shirts and hoodies!
As we set off in the morning it was chilly, however Paul the Weatherman had promised us beautiful sunshine all day, and this had arrived by the time we got to Swainby, our first tower. We enjoyed the ring of six here, which were easy to ring well and made a nice sound, although they were a bit loud.
Having rung at one tower, we were ready for an elevenses break! We proceeded to Lord Stones Cafe on Carlton Bank, which James recommended after his experience on the Coast to Coast walk last year. Although it was slightly off our route,  it was well worth it purely for the freshly baked scones which were brought out just as we arrived! We were also amazed by the spectacular views over the Cleveland Plain and to Roseberry Topping.
Our next tower was Rudby in Cleveland, where the church was in a beautiful setting by a weir on the River Leven. We enjoyed ringing here too, but the bells were not so good as Swainby.
After ringing at another tower, it was now time for lunch! We drove to St Germain's churchyard in Markse-by-the-Sea and ate our picnics on top of the cliffs, with lovely views along the coast to Hunt Cliff and Saltburn pier. Here we were joined by Frances and Ruth.
After lunch we rang at St Mark's church in Marske, which were a light eight, quite similar to Huntington. The rope circle was slightly odd with the tenor and treble very close together, which caused much confusion in our first rounds and call changes when Tina was convinced she was ringing the 6th when she was actually on the 7th! Ruth also rang for the first time since her operation, trebling to Stedman Triples. At the end of our ringing here Robert Carr and Charlotte Mitchell showed their future ringing potential when swinging the back two after we had rung down. Robert in particular had developed the tenor ringer's technique of bending his knees and sticking his bottom out!
We then proceeded to ringing at Saltburn - without any coffee stop this time - where there was a 23cwt ring of eight. We had some difficulty here as the bells were quite hard work - particularly the 4th which was so deep set that Ron initially thought there wasn't a stay! However the bells themselves sounded beautiful.
Having gone two towers without a break, we really needed more refreshment, so we went down to Saltburn seafront to find a cafe. Following this we went to our final tower, Whitby. When we arrived, another visiting band had just left, so we didn't have to ring up. This turned out to be a good thing, as the ropes were incredibly stretchy, meaning it was very difficult to strike the bells accurately. The tourists who came in to watch us ring didn't notice this however, and applauded enthusiastically at the end of our first touch! By the end of ringing here we were more than ready for tea, which had been booked at Trencher's Fish & Chips restaurant down in the town centre. The food was excellent, and a fitting end to another enjoyable outing.

20/09/08 Yorkshire Association Striking Competition Final

 In April a Huntington team won the York Branch striking competition, so we went through to the Yorkshire Association final, which was held at Rotherham Minster on the middle six. Christine Potter and Ruth Sanderson from April's winning team couldn't make it, so Peter and Ron Sanderson rang in their place. Margaret and Emma Coles also came to support us.
Our test piece was 240 changes of Plain Bob Doubles. We rang second, and were very pleased with the standard of our ringing. We were optimistic that we could better last year's performance when we came fifth, and we did this by being placed second (after Pickering) by judge Heather Peachey.
The team placing was: 1 Tina Walker, 2 Ron Sanderson, 3 Doreen Sanderson, 4 James Sanderson, 5 Peter Sanderson (C), 6 Bob Meadows. The picture shows the team stood in ringing order, left to right, outside the church.