The Huntington Guild of Bell Ringers


The Bells of All Saints, Huntington

The first bell at All Saints', Huntington was cast in 1747 by Edmund Seller II of York, and in 1779, another small bell was cast by George Dalton of York. Although it is unclear what happened to the Dalton bell, Seller's larger bell was re-cast in 1881 as the treble of a new ring of five.

This ring of five was cast in 1881 by John Warner & Sons of London, and hung in an oak frame (with pits for six bells) by Thomas Mallaby of Masham. Three years later Mallaby installed a new treble (also by Warner) to complete the ring of six. These bells are all fitted with Ellacombe hammers, also by Mallaby, and contemporary with the bells.

In 1963 John Taylor Bell Founders of Loughborough tuned and re-hung the bells on ball bearings and cast iron headstocks, with traditional wheels, stays and sliders. The canons were removed from the crowns of the bells, and the bells were all quarter-turned. On 5th October that year, they were rededicated by the Archdeacon of Leeds, the Venerable C. O. Ellison, who was also President of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers.

In February 1977 it was decided to augment the bells to eight, to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Huntington Guild of Bell Ringers and also the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen. The order was placed with the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in June of that year, and the bells were delivered in October. On 8th November they were rung for the first time, and dedicated by the Very Reverend Ronald Jasper, Dean of York Minster.

In order to hang the new trebles and avoid having a ring on two tiers, Whitechapel extended the frame with two more pits. The third and fourth of the new ring were moved into these two pits, with the new bells occupying the old pits. The trebles were hung on fabricated steel headstocks and ball bearings with traditional wheels, stays and sliders. The new clappers were found to be too light, so a pair from the old ring of six at SS Philip & James, Clifton, were re-forged and given new tops, and used instead.

In 2000, the ringing chamber was entirely refurbished and redecorated, and the 6th bell turned in its pit to improve the rope circle. The tower was also rewired as part of the refurbishment, all carried out by members of the band and David Potter. The project's completion was marked by a peal of Plain Bob Triples by members of the local band.

Thanks go to David Bryant, David Potter and Ron Sanderson for providing much of this information.


Bell Details

Bell Date Founder Diameter Note Weight Inscription
1 1977 Whitechapel 21 in B flat 2-2-22 In memory of Hugh Dunkerley Shaw 1892-1976
2 1977  Whitechapel 22 in A 2-3-26 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee
3 1884 John Warner & Sons 23¾ in G 3-1-16 In honorem omnium sanctorum (In honour of All Saints)
4 1881 John Warner & Sons 24½ in F 3-0-3 Deo Gloria (Glory be to God) 
5 1881 John Warner & Sons 25¾ in E flat 3-1-11 Gloria Patri (Glory be to the Father)
6 1881 John Warner & Sons 26¾ in D 3-3-25 Et Filio (and to the Son)
7 1881 John Warner & Sons 28½ in C 4-1-17 Et Spiritui Sancto (and to the Holy Ghost)
8 1881 John Warner & Sons 31 in B flat 5-0-17 Convoc Amus - Benedicimus - Deploramus (We call, we praise, we beseech)